Welcome to our Dryer Division...

At harvest time, BUCRA offers drying and storage services to the rice growers in our surrounding area. BUCRA annually dries approximately 44,000 acres of rice. In the past, BUCRA has handled multiple varieties of rice (short, medium and long grain). However, over the last decade, a shift has occurred whereby 93 percent of the rice drying requests was standard medium grain. Because of this shift, BUCRA now only dries and stores standard medium grain rice (calrose).

BUCRA operates two independent facilities, one on Riceton Road (just north of Biggs, CA), and the main plant in Richvale, California. Both of these locations have fully operational scale and probing equipment necessary to receive and record grower deliveries.

BUCRA is known for its excellent quality of rice which its growers deliver. The average quality delivered to BUCRA from its growers in 2016 was a 65/72.

Our current first season storage rate is $.74/cwt. Our drying charges vary depending on moisture content.

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