Welcome to our Seed Division...

Our Seed Division offers a vital service to the rice grower. BUCRA offers seed cleaning, storage, soaking and treating services. BUCRA annually cleans approximately 110,000 cwt. of rice a year. In addition, we offer soaking and treating services for the grower prior to planting their rice. When bakenae, a fungal disease in the rice made its appearance in 2002, Bucra worked with industry officials to find a cost effective treatment solution. The only approved label treatment offered is a chlorine based bleach treatment made by CLOROX. BUCRA has the capacity to treat with other products as the need arises.

Our current schedule of rates for services based upon minimum volumes:

Cleaning $1.50/cwt.
Storage $ .32/cwt.
Soaking $1.25/cwt.
Treating $1.00/cwt.

To treat your rice with Clorox, BUCRA requires a soaking waiver signed by you. You can download a pdf copy below. Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the form. A free download of the reader is also available below.

Soaking Waiver
Adobe Reader