Welcome to our Supply Division...

BUCRA offers full service support to the rice grower for growing their rice crop. We offer a complete line of custom liquid and dry fertilizer blends, along with aqua ammonia, which is converted on site. In addition, a complete line of crop protection supplies are sold, with 8 licensed PCAs to help the grower in making field decisions. We offer a recommendation writing program which will assist the grower with filing the required pesticide use reports with their county. In addition, you can file your Notice of Intents (NOI) with this system.

BUCRA also has a bulk fuel facility with a 24 hour card-lock system. We also sell bulk and packaged oil/lubricants, along with having a hardware store to meet necessary farmer needs in the busy planting season.

Our supplies division advises growers on approximately 65,000 acres of rice planted every year.
As part of our Supplies Division, we offer a secured credit program to help growers finance their purchases of crop input supplies. This credit line is based upon $400/acre, and is secured by the growers crop. BUCRA charges an interest rate based on the current 3-month LIBOR rate + 5%, with a floor of 6%. For an application to this program, please download the following document below. Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the form. A free download of the reader is also available below.

Secured Credit Application
Adobe Reader

Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets

Through our relationship with Agrian, we can provide the grower with up to date labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). A MSDS is a detailed document prepared by the manufacturer of a chemical which describes the physical and chemical properties of the product. The search mechanism provided below offers you the ability to access this data. Before using any of the products described and listed, read the label on the product, especially those sections dealing with recommended rates of application and precautionary statements for handling and use.