BUCRA is committed to sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. We continue to work with industry leaders to show the benefits of our rice farming practices and business operations to the public. 

Environmental Stewardship

Rice and Wildlife

As documented by the California Rice Commission, over 235 species of wildlife are sustained by California rice growers. Rice ground creates surrogate wetlands for migrating water fowl.

Groundbreaking Solar Project

BUCRA led the industry in building the first solar-powered rice drying facility in the world in 2004. Located at our Riceton facility, it is a 200 kilowatt fixed-array that has produced over a million kilowatt hours of electricity.

Continued Solar Improvements

In 2009, BUCRA added a second 200 kilowatt solar array (BUCRA Solar Station II). This new array has dual-axis trackers that rotate and follow the sun’s pattern in the sky. These trackers have increased production over the fixed array by 50%. 

BUCRA Solar Station

In 2016, BUCRA made a further commitment to renewable energy, by installing a solar array at its main plant that can generate over 2.0 megawatts of electricity. Our members are committed to environmental stewardship in their farming practices and in our processing facilities.

BUCRA Solar Station II

BUCRA's solar station is state of the art and is critical to ensuring our commitment to environmental stewardship.

BUCRA Aerial View

BUCRA stands tall in Richvale, CA as a leader and early adopter of new agricultural technologies that help ensure a better future for our community and climate as a whole.